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RiskLadderThe RiskLadder Questionnaire

10 simple questions to determine your attitude to risk and tolerance to loss

Fill in your personal details and answer all the 10 questions, using the tick boxes as you go. There are no right or wrong answers, so go with your instinct!

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1. When it comes to investing, how would you describe yourself?


Reasonably experienced


2. Your Bank or Building Society offers you a windfall payment, which you can take in cash, shares or a mixture of both. The shares have a 50/50 chance of doubling in value, or becoming worthless over the next year. What would you do?

Take it all in cash

Take half in cash and half shares

Take it all in shares

3. When it comes to investing, what are you most concerned about?

Limiting loss is more important than getting above-average returns

Limiting loss and achieving above-average returns are equally important

Achieving above-average returns is more important than limiting loss

4. If you were investing in the UK stockmarket and it suddenly fell by 40 %, what would you do?

Get out quickly

Sell some of my investment

Stay put

5. This chart on the right shows how much you could make or lose in a year, with three imaginary investments of £10,000. But you won't know in advance what the results will be. Which one would you invest in?

Potential loss of -£2000 with a potential gain of +£2000

Question 5 Table

Potential loss of -£4000 with a potential gain of +£4000

Potential loss of -£6000 with a potential gain of +£6000


6. You are appearing on a hit game show "Win a Million!" But you don't know the answer to the next question. What would you do?

Not answer and take £5000

Eliminate 2 wrong answers, leaving a choice of 2. If you guess right you'll have £7,500. If not, you'll only get £2,500

Guess the answer. If you are right you'll have £10,000. If not you'll get nothing

7. You're offered a new sales job with a choice of three pay options. Which one would you take?

£15,000 a year

£10,000 a year, plus a bonus of £0 - £10,000

£5,000 a year, plus a "sky's the limit" performance bonus.

8. How would you end this statement? "Accepting that my investment is for a term of 5 years, it is important to invest..."

Mostly in lower risk investments but also some in shares

Mostly in shares, but also in other investments

All in shares

9. When making a big investment decision, what is more important to you?

Avoid losses

Wanting to make money

Both are equally important

10. Two years ago you invested £10,000 in a stockmarket fund. But the value recently fell to £8,500. What would you do?

Switch what's left into something safer that's less likely to fail, but offers lower returns

Stay where you are, in the hope of recouping your losses when the market picks up again

Stay where you are and invest more money while share prices are low, in the hope of making more money when the market picks up again

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